The IPA Junior Project


At IPA young Swiss students have the possibility to participate in a project in Albania and / or Cameroon which they can choose themselves and where they will do all the planning and realisation of the project from beginning to end.


The Junior Team consists of students from a number of secondary schools in Zurich and one IPA Junior Team Leader.


The Juniors will be introduced to the concepts of project management (theory and practical application) by the Junior Team Leaders who will provide on-going support during the life of the project. The students learn what criteria might be critical for the selection of a project, how to turn a cost estimate into a budget, what information is required for a detailed project description and – once the project has been realised – how to produce a final report.


In addition a visit to Albania will take place (for a variety of reasons it is unfortunately not possible to visit Cameroon) so that the students can see and document the result of their work in location. During this visit the Juniors will also have to opportunity to seek out new projects for the next teams.


A participation in a Junior Project requires a committment of approximately 18 months, starting in early summer until late autumn of the following year. During this period the juniors will through their project work in a poor country, acquire skills which complement those gained at school and are nowadays required by most employers. They will also learn about development work and global interrelationships as they deal with problems affecting the world and in particular Albania and Cameroon.


The IPA Junior Team 2014/15
Standing from left to right:

Sophie Bree, Nicole Delavy (leader), Marisa Vetsch, Alisha Koithara.
Front row from left to right:

Melina Eisenring, Fredrik Wallin, Florian Rubin.