Preview of forthcoming IPA Projects



Derven, North Albania.

For several years the International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) has been supporting a partner school in Mamurras in North Albania. Together with IPA they have modernised it in various phases. Now the time has come to start a new venture, for the benefit of the school in Derven. There are defects wherever you look. In a first phase the roof will be repaired.



Sao, North Cameroon.

The students at Hottingen High School in Zurich who take part in the course "Practical Development Cooperation" have decided to help the malnourished people who live in the village of Sao. Together with a group of farmers the cultivation of rice and vegetables will be boosted and with the building of a big storage facility, the young Swiss intend to prevent a possible loss of the crop.


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