Preview of forthcoming IPA Projects



Chatonda, North Malawi.

The families in this village have a well-known and widespread problem: they have no access to drinking water. The nearest dirty stream is far away and difficult to get to because of snakes. During the dry period holes have to be drilled. The building of a well will relieve the women who have to get the water and reduce diseases such as cholera.



Mzuzu, North Malawi.

In this town you would not expect to find a school where children are taught under such miserable conditions. The walls of the classrooms consist of wooden beams which remind you of a stable for animals. Rain, cold and wind get through the cracks and the children have to sit on the floor. There are also many other shortcomings. It is high time to put an end to these disgraceful conditions. In a first phase a new building with two classrooms and a small staffroom will be built.


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