Strengths of IPA


The IPA Team mainly consists of two high school teachers (history). This is important given the fact that development work in the area of education is a key activity of IPA. Their background enables them to quickly pick up the particularities and problems of the various regions IPA is engaged in. The team brings in the necessary teaching skills, expertise in working with young adults and social competences from their respective jobs and youth work.

IPA commenced its activities in Albania in 1994. Since 2005 the organisation is also engaged in Cameroon and since 2014 also in Malawi. Through the practical work in Albania we have learned the ropes from scratch. Regular assessments resulted in the move away from direct help in order to concentrate on projects which are self-sustainable and have a long term impact.

The structure of the organisation is continuously being adjusted to take into account changing needs. IPA has been able to transfer the know-how gained in Southern Europe to a totally different situation in northern Cameroon and in northern Malawi. In the countries in which IPA is currently active, the organisation is enjoying an excellent reputation with both the local population and the local authorities.

A key strength of IPA is its network of regional and local partners in the receiver countries. Their competency and reliability are equally important to guarantee success of specific projects as is their engagement and tight control during the implementation phase.

While travelling in the villages of Albania, Cameroon and Malawi the members of the IPA team will be accompanied by the local partners. This provides important insights into their mentality, the daily problems of the people in need and the structure of the respective societies. The co-operation with the local partners and the people is thus very much facilitated.







– Erratic Block Award 2019
(September 2019 – Award from the Rotary Foundation "Au am Zürichsee" for Marina Schwarze who worked with IPA on a development aid project)
– Certificate of Appreciation
(January 2019 – presented from the Albanian Embassy in Berne in return for 25 years of engagement in Albania)
– Second in the youth contest "Projekter" of the canton of Zurich 2015
(March 2015 - for the engagement of a school class in Horgen who worked with IPA on a development aid project)
– Achievement prize from Lions Club Stäfa
(June 2014 - for the engagement of a school class in Hombrechtikon who worked with IPA on a development aid project)
– Erratic Block Award 2013
(May 2013 – Award from the Rotary Foundation "Au am Zürichsee" for Evelyn Terzer, IPA Junior of Team 2011/12)
– Young Women in Public Affairs Award 2012
(May 2012 – Award from the Zonta Club for Leonie Gossner, IPA-Junior of Team 2010/11)
– Title of "Honorary Friend of the Municipality of Ungrej" (March 2010), Title of "Honorary Friend of the Milot Region" (October 2008), Title of "Honorary Friend of the Komsi Region" (April 2007), Title of "Friend of the Gjirokastër Region" (October 2006)
– Man Investments Swiss Charity of the Year 2008 (October 2007)
– Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Dajç
(April 2007)
– ZEWO Certificate
(May 2006)
– Profax Award
(April 2005)



Projects and Programmes
in Albania, Cameroon and Malawi


– Refurbishment, equipment, or new construction of 102 schools or kindergartens and of 5 libraries in Albania (since 2001), of 21 schools and 2 libraries in Cameroon (since 2006) as well as of 15 schools and 3 teachers' development centres (TDCs) in Malawi (since 2014)

– Running 18 courses of further education and projects to support people who have been neglected in terms of education and economy (since 2001)

– Granting of 19 micro credits (since 2001)

– Implementation of 36 social and health projects (since 2001)

– Implementation of 41 projects in the field of food production and drinking water supply in Cameroon (since 2006) and of 15 projects in Malawi (since 2015)

– Establishment of 3 savings banks (with upgrading of each) in Cameroon (since 2008)



Cooperation with Swiss Schools and Youngsters


– 33 junior projects involving students of various high schools in Zurich (since 2001)

– External project support at 33 cantonal and private high schools in the Cantons of Zurich, Aargau and Obwalden (since 2002)

– External project support at 34 secondary schools in the Cantons of Zurich and Aargau (since 2003)

– 13 environmental assignments in Switzerland (since 2005)