updated December 1st, 2022





IPA Juniors Earn yet Another Award

Winning an award is always a nice thing. It shows that others appreciate IPA's work. It's ...





Help that works



IPA is engaged in transitional and developing countries with
focus on learning and education.

IPA offers help for self-help, e.g. through projects in the fields of food production and water supply as well as the issuance of micro credits.

The unique aspect of the IPA brand is the
integration of youth in the implementation of projects. This gives Swiss students the opportunity to gain formative experiences.

School classes and junior-teams define, plan and execute their projects independently but are supervised by experienced IPA staff.


All projects are inspected by IPA on location, and once completed, are checked over again. This way all donors have the guaranty that their money is being used in exactly the right places and that people are really getting the help they need.




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IPA Juniors Earn yet Another Award

even nicer when such a prize is given not to the two managing directors but to the youngsters who have actively participated in a project along the concepts IPA provides.

The Young Women in Public Affairs Award 2022 is a case in point. As runners-up, Charlize Micallef and Priyanka Safft Bhoyroo, both part of the IPA Junior Team 2020/21, each received a certificate of recognition by the Zonta Club. They are honoured for their great commitment to the Junior projects in Luzni and Hotesh (Northern Albania). We congratulate them heartily and hope the prize will open a door or two in their future lives. It will certainly remain a special memory, rounding off the impressions and experiences they gained with IPA.




A certificate of recognition for Charlize Micallef and Priyanka Safft Bhoyroo