Preview of forthcoming IPA Projects



Pheti, North Malawi.

In this village people have to live without drinking water. The women fetch the water from tiny ponds which are shared by animals. They have to walk very far, risk being bitten by snakes and arrive home with polluted water for their children. With the help of undertaking an environmental project in the Swiss mountains, a group of students is seeking to raise funds to provide clean drinking water for the village of Pheti.



Guirvidig, North Cameroon.

Over 2,500 students are taught here in nine classrooms. Due to the shortage of space, only 55% of the children can actually start school. The girls are the ones who suffer, because the families send only the boys to school if they have to choose. A class at Wohlen High School wants to end this discrimination and supports the school with a new building and other part-projects.


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