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Friday afternoon, final lessons

What is a typical Friday afternoon at school like? Although tired, the students ...





Help that works



IPA is engaged in transitional and developing countries with
focus on learning and education.

IPA offers help for self-help, e.g. through projects in the fields of food production and water supply as well as the issuance of micro credits.

The unique aspect of the IPA brand is the
integration of youth in the implementation of projects. This gives Swiss students the opportunity to gain formative experiences.

School classes and junior-teams define, plan and execute their projects independently but are supervised by experienced IPA staff.


All projects are inspected by IPA on location, and once completed, are checked over again. This way all donors have the guaranty that their money is being used in exactly the right places and that people are really getting the help they need.




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Friday afternoon, final lessons

have to face another three lessons dragging on till 4 p.m. They will soon leave school for good, looking forward to begin their apprenticeships. Hence their motivation in class is rather poor, all they think about is the weekend.

The students at Bonstetten secondary school are quite the contrary, though. They are busy working on a project for the health centre in Ng'onga (Malawi). They don't derive their motivation from the mark they are going to get. They want to help, to really improve healthcare for almost 15,000 people. When the bell rings, they ignore it, and some keep on working even after school. They take it for granted to help one another, and everyone does their best. The atmosphere is excellent: this is a team at work, not a class. They are now reaping the first fruits of their efforts, and hopefully they meet with a lot of support for their project. Nothing would please them more than to see the sub-projects they have planned for Ng'onga carried out.




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